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We are Cleveland, Ohio’s #1 Digital Marketing, Application Development, and Web Design Company with over 24 years of experience.

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We specialize in Web Application development, with a deep knowledge of most .net Application needs.

Fresh Start or Rescuing Previous Projects

Our team is ready to see what we can do to help your business succeed.
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.net Development 100%


We are happy to develop designs you've created, or have our team work on a specific image that fits your brand.

Fast, Secure Hosting For All Website & Applications Needs

With our highly performant server infrastructure, we are ready to host your .net website or application, as well as PHP applications such as WordPress.
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Responsive Design 100%


If you are looking or brand strategy for full ads management, we have the tools and experience needed to get it done.

Cleveland's Leader In Paid Traffic Acquisition

Our ad managers have experience on over 200 ad platforms. We specialize in cold traffic, retargeting, display and text ads on all major platforms.
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Our History


First Website Built

The staff at Cleveland Web Works marketing arm built their first website in 1996 just before CSS an essential web style language was introduced.

CSS went on to change how websites were developed forever more, putting our staff right at the ground floor when this critical element was first introduced.



First Web Application Built

The team behind Cleveland Web Works developed their first internet application for business purposes.

Web applications built in languages such as .net, javascript, and java have gone on to run most of what powers the commercial sector of the web as we know it today.



First Google Ads Run

In 2000 Google introduce Adwords, the advertising platform that is often credited with changing how eCommerce would forever be done on the web.

Just after it’s introduction, in 2001 our staff ran their first sets of ads for commercial clients to generate leads, sales, and awareness.



The Team Began To Offer SEO Services

Search Engine Ranking Position (or SERP) became a major factor in determining the success or failure of an online business.

In 2004, the team behind Cleveland Web Works began to introduce SEO services to their clients. These ranged anywhere from basic title, description, and content optimization, to full out content production for clients on demand.

As this industry has evolved, we have as well, focusing on website speed and performance as a major factor in our SEO process in 2020 and beyond.



Facebook Launches Their New Ad Platform

Facebook had tried advertising platforms several times in it’s history, but it was in 2007 that it became what it is known as today.

In 2008, the team behind Cleveland Web Works began to utilize the Facebook Ads platform for the first time, with major success for their business partners desired objectives.



Responsive Web Design Takes Center Stage

The first known application of responsive web design was in 2001, by Audi. In 2009/2010 media queries (the technical bits that make responsive web design possible) were almost ready for prime time. 

In 2011, the team behind Cleveland Web works began developing some of the first mobile friendly, responsive designed sites to be used at large scale.

2013 has been termed “The Year of Responsive Design” but our team had already years of experience by the time the rest of the web was just catching on.



Google Shakes Up SEO

By 2011, Google saw a massive rise in webspam that unethical SEO agencies were using to gain unearned rankings for their clients. In 2013, they released what they called the “Penguin” update to fight webspam.

Most agencies providing SEO services at that time were providing services to their clients that were in violation of Google’s Terms of Service and had those sites punished.

However, the team behind Cleveland Web Works did not have this problem as we provided purely “White Hat” SEO to our clients. Where others failed, our clients shined. 



Web Marketing Shifts From Globalization To Personalization

In 2015 world was more connected because of technology and rise of social networking, but marketing had to become more regionalized, and more localized, even more individualized, as consumers resist homogenization.

The team behind Cleveland Web Works saw this as a massive opportunity and began to help their clients connect to consumers in a way that was previously not possible. Individualized messaging, and providing REAL context for a discussion about a brand became key points of our advertising strategies that we used for our clients – AND IT WORKED!



Mobile-First Web Design Becomes The First Priority

By 2018, over 50% of the traffic on the web had flipped from desktop users to mobile cell phone users.

Already having nearly a decade of experience with responsive design, the team behind Cleveland Web Works knew it was time to start thinking about websites in a mobile-first mentality as that’s were most users would be experiencing them.



What We Are Looking Ahead To

2020 and beyond is going to be huge for the team behind Cleveland Web Works and their clients.

We are looking at massive design trends involving white space, particle effects, dark modes, breaking typography rules, liquid animation, and immersive 3D elements.

We welcome you to be a part of this. Please sure sure to reach out and see what kind of solution we can help craft for you and your business today.



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