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Strategy Driven Design

Having a great looking website is just the start. We will build your website to convert visitors into customers.

WordPress Development

We build the majority of sites on WordPress using the latest tools, techniques, and trends.

Mobile-First Design

Most of your customers will be using their cell to view your site, which is why we start our design process ‘Mobile-First.’

Your website will often be your customer's first contact with your business. We can make whatever you're thinking about be the first thing they see.

How Our Process Works

Phase One


We will want to get to know you and your business. This step involves us asking a lot of questions about what your business does, telling us about sites you love, and what may be possible moving forward.

Sometimes this will be an in-person meeting, and sometimes we can handle this in a conference call.

Phase One

Phase Two


This is the fun part! We take all of the information you gave us during our initial meeting and on-boarding and begin to create a custom design just for you.

During this process, we will begin to establish brand colors, typography, visualizations – all of which you will be able to see and give us feedback on!

Phase Two

Phase Three


Once we have a design locked down, we begin truly developing the project. This is where we build all of your functionality into the site.

At the end of this phase, you’ll get a link to your new site where you can go through and test it on all of your devices, click all of the links, and make sure everything works just like you want it to.

Phase Three

Phase Four


Your new website isn’t complete until every page has content on it. When customers come to your site, they are coming there for a reason. You’ll want to be sure that it answers all of the questions they may have about you and your business.

We will take your content and lay it out on each page so that it looks wonderful and is easy to read.

Phase Four

Phase Five


Yay! We made it! It’s time to launch your site so that everyone can see and enjoy it.

We will do all of the technical work during this process. Loading it on our servers, debugging the site once it’s live, making sure all of the forms work properly, you name it.

Phase Five

Phase Six

Prepare It For Marketing

If you are going to bring us on board to handle your digital marketing as well, this is the phase that we will install your pixels, and prepare down funnel content based on what you completed in Phase Four.

Phase Six


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