Fast, Secure, NVMe, Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Free SSL, Free Migration, Free CDN, DDOS & Malware Protection
All Professionally Managed So You Can Focus On Your Business

A lot of hosts claim to have fast, secure hosting that works with WordPress, but our high performance WordPress hosting platform was designed, built, and is managed by Automattic, the company that makes WordPress.


Our hosting platform is built and maintained by the minds behind WordPress. It is designed to run only WordPress and nothing else which means you get the fastest speed, greatest level of security, and ultimate reliability.


Malware scanning is built right into our platform, along with fully automatic core updates, and DDoS protection. In addition, our servers are fully locked down and regularly scanned to prevent unwanted intrusions at every level.


Our memcache includes object, page, and static asset caching all of which dramatically improve load times and site performance without you having to lift a finger. There are no plugins to mess with and no complicated configurations to try to figure out, just automatic performance!

NVMe Sotrage

SSD hosting is so 2010. Traditional SSD drives are typically rated for up to 600MB/s, the NVMe drives our servers use are tested and proven to operate up to 2,540 MB/s! There simply is no comparison between what we offer versus the competition.


Our global CDN provides consistent accet delivery and ensures that each site hosted with us recieves the same speedy performance. Additionally, it protects against traffic surges, DDoS attacks, and ensure that your site remains fast and responsive, all for free with our premium WordPress hosting.

99.999% UPTIME

Our redundant server architecture means you never have to worry about network congestion while providing powerful scalability so that your site won’t slow down for a second during spikes in traffic. Simply put, your sites won’t run better anywhere else.

Do You Want The Fastest, Most Secure Hosting Possible For Your WordPress Site?

Our performance hosting plans are tailored on a client by client basis depending on the size and traffic your site is projected to receive.

The first step to getting the performance you deserve is to reach out and contact us so that we can begin to work on the ideal solution for your specific hosting needs.

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